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Small School, Big Heart.

Our Curriculum


At Cosgrove Village Primary School we have designed our curriculum to reflect our school.  Our school was set up to serve the local area and is a central part of a very small community.  Over the years we have gained a reputation for providing excellent support for all children and this means that we attract some children from the surrounding villages and towns.  As our school is so small, it has a distinct family feel and enables a personalized approach for every child allowing them to flourish both academically and socially.  This family-feel is commented on by stakeholders and visitors alike.  The nurture and values-led approach to our environment permeates through our work and makes us distinctly different from the larger schools nearby. 

We have developed our curriculum, working in partnership with our sister school, Ashton CEVC Primary School.  We teach skills progressively and ensure that our curriculum is aligned to the National Curriculum 2014. 


Curriculum Drivers 

We considered the drivers for our curriculum which should underpin all of our work in school.  These will drive both our curriculum but also our school ethos.  

Our Curriculum Drivers are: 






More information about this can be found below.  



As a community school we teach values to support children to be active and confident citizens in modern Britain.  Our values were chosen by staff, parents and children through a survey.  We have six values.  We focus on one each half term.  This is done through our weekly values assembly, posters displayed around school with the value on and also a weekly quote on the newsletter.  It is a firm belief of our team that teaching and instilling these values at an early age will help the children to develop strength of character and a clear understanding of right and wrong and the correct way to treat each other as we go through life.  

Our school values are: 











We deliver our curriculum in three classes – Aqua (EYFS and KS1), Terra (Year 3 and 4) and Ignis (Class 5 and 6) and use our support staff to help support appropriately with mixed age classes.  We operate rolling programmes to ensure coverage from the National Curriculum and have progression documents which demonstrate the expectations for the different age groups to ensure that children are challenged in an age and ability appropriate way.  Where possible links are made between subjects, but only when these are natural links.  This enables application of skills. 

Teachers have good subject knowledge, ensuring they are well prepared to teach the wide range of subjects.  They use a range of approaches to deliver sessions which also support our skill based learning.

Teachers use assessment in reading, writing and maths to accurately identify what the children can do and what they need to work on to inform future planning.  In other subject areas staff are confident in identifying what children have done well and what they need to develop further.  Our core assessment system is not burdensome for staff, with collection of data 3 times per year and progressive documents which teachers update regularly. 

Subject Area 



Little Wandle Letters and Sounds has been implemented from September 2021.

Guided Reading Sessions are taught several times a week in class.


Talk for Writing – implemented from September 2019.


White Rose Maths Hub is used as a guide – teachers follow the National Curriculum and use a variety of mastery approaches.


Science is taught as a discrete subject in class to ensure coverage.


Catherine Cheater Scheme is used to teach French to Terra and Ignis Class. 


We have First Access Project in Ignis Class each year where children are given the opportunity to learn an instrument. 

Following National Curriculum and using Charanga as a resource.


We follow the Northamptonshire RE Syllabus

This is on a rolling programme and includes units from both Understanding Christianity and The Peterborough Diocese RE Syllabus

History, Geography, Art and DT

These are taught in our topic based work through links.  Topics chosen are engaging and varied and offer progression of skills as set out in our progression documents.  Our long term plan can be found below. 

The staff at Ashton and Cosgrove Primary schools link up to share planning ideas and expertise to benefit all children.  We also plan shared trips and experiences for our children with Ashton CE Primary School. 


We use the REAL PE Scheme to deliver our sessions.  These are taken by the class teacher.

We follow a varied curriculum.  

We take our Key Stage Two swimming for a 6 week block each year. 


We use Purple Mash to teach concepts and skills in Computing. 


We use the Coram Life Education SCARF scheme to teach about PSHE which includes developments on Relationships Education. 



Strong outcomes are achieved as a result of our curriculum intent and implementation with our pupils building upon the specific areas listed below. 


  • Results over time are improving with children making at least expected progress from their starting points.
  • The curriculum is broad and balanced. Pupils are engaged in their learning and enjoy learning about interesting topics. In the different subject areas pupils are working towards an end point to give them real focus and purpose in their learning.
  • Disadvantaged pupils and pupils with SEN access all areas of the curriculum with targeted support in the areas they need additional support.


  • Children are able to work more effectively both independently and in groups, developing skills they will need in life.
  • The whole school approach means that children develop these skills progressively over time.


  • Incidents of poor behaviour at playtime and lunchtime have significantly reduced.
  • Visitors comment on their children’s attitudes and the atmosphere of the school.

Cosgrove Curriculum Documents