Our Governors

Our governors play a vital role within our school development.  They support the leaders to plan key improvements, allocate funding and evaulate progress against the school development plan.

Governor Information

Type of   governor Date
Date 2015/16 Date 2016/17 Date 2017/18

Date 2018/2019




Name Position within the governing body Pecuniary  Interest Profile

Executive Head   Teacher

NA 01.10.15 01.10.16   Mrs Jude Busari Executive Head Teacher Executive Head   Teacher of Ashton CofE Primary School
Local   Authority 01/10/14 01.10.15 01.10.16   Mr Colin   Swindale Chair of the Governing Body, Business Committee Member, Head Teacher Performance Review, Pupil Premium Governor None
  • Occupation: Retired IT Director
  • Lives: Winslow with his wife
  • Personal Information: Colin worked for over 20years for a large global manufacturing company and 17 years for a pharmaceutical company. His skills in leadership, finance, IT and corporate processes helped him to deliver IT solutions globally and mentor senior staff. 

Parent   Governor

NA 01.10.15 01.10.16   Jane   Lambert Parent Governor, Chair of Business Committee None
  • Occupation: Managing Director and Owner of ECG Ltd (Medical Training Company)
  • Lives: Cosgrove with partner and 3 daughters
  • Personal Information: Jane’s business is based in Cosgrove and she manages a dynamic office team who coordinate all training activities. Her skills are within leadership, business development and training. She is passionate about everyone having the skills to be able to save a life! Jane is still a qualified nurse and acupuncturist. She likes to spend her spare time with family, friends and enjoying village life.
Parent Governor NA 01.10.15 01.10.16   Donna MacMannus Parent Governor, Chair of Curriculum and Standards Committee, Maths Governor None
  • Occupation: Senior Finance Officer and Apprenticeship Manager - Elizabeth Woodville School/ TOVE Learning Trust  
  • Lives:  In Roade but grew up and has connections with Cosgrove for the past 40 years.
  • Personal Information: Over 19 years of Apprenticeship experience. Donna now manages the day to day running of a 2 campus local Secondary School Finance Department along with the affiliated Trust Apprenticeship Levy Programme. Donna enjoys spending time with her family and travelling abroad. 




  Mrs Rosie Paul

Curriculum and Standards Committee member, Literacy Governor 


Joined March 2019

  • Occupation: Retired Teacher  
  • Lives: Cosgrove with husband 
  • Personal Information: Has worked in state and private schools as a class and support teacher. Enjoys travel, village life and being a grandparent.


Attendance Data

Attendance at meetings in academic year 2016/2017:

  Oct Feb May July Overall (%)
Donna MacManus Y Y Y Y 100
Jessica Annison Y Y Y Y 100
Rebecca Osborne Y Y Y Y 100
Colin Swindale Y Y Y Y 100
Jane Lambert Ap Y Y Ap 50
Cate Bird N/A N/A Y Y 100

Attendance at meetings in academic year 2017/2018:

  Oct Feb May July Overall (%)
Donna MacManus Y Y Y Y 100
Jessica Annison Y N N Y 50 - maternity
Rebecca Osborne Y Y Y Y 100
Colin Swindale Y Y Y Y 100
Jane Lambert Y Y Y Y 100
Cate Bird Y Y Y Y 100

Attendance at meetings in academic year 2019/2020:

   Nov  March  July
 Colin Swindale   Y  Y  
 Tracey Steel   Ap  Y  
 Rosie Paul   Y  Y  
 Jane Lambert  Y  Y  
 Donna MacManus   Y  Y  
Jude Busari  Y  Y  


Copies of minutes of governoing body meetings are kept at school.  If you require access to these please put this request in writing and address to the Chair of Governors.  You are not able to access confidential minutes.