Ignis Class

Welcome to Ingis Class

Welcome to Ignis class! 

Mrs Bird (class teacher) and Mrs Caple (Higher Level Teaching Assistant) are looking forward to the new school term and our new exciting topics!  This term we will be looking at the topic 'War Game'.  This year marks the 100 year aniversary of the end of World War 1 and Ignis class will be learning all about this significant and important event in history.  Our journey will take us through the anticiaption of going to war, reality of life in the trenches and through to the sadness of the loos of so many lives.

Here are some of the key texts we will be using which you could share with your child at home:

Image result for flo of the somme   Image result for poems from world war 1 book    Image result for war game book michael foreman






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